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Ezhimala Beach

The Ezhimala beach is often considered as a 'virgin territory' where the local hospitality and charm can be experienced to the fullest proportion. It is a very prominent beach in Kerala. It exudes a distinct charm as it provides a picturesque scene of sunrays partially blocked by coconut leaves. This beach is situated at a radius of 55 kilometers from Kannur. It is a delighting combination of natural beauty and history. This beach is positioned between hills and is hence situated at a higher altitude.

All the beach tours of Ezhimala bestows with perfect relaxation amidst the nature that is in combination with the history. The feeling of taking a stroll among golden sands in a serene beach sends arrows of delight through the back of each one of its visitors. It is also believed that Ezhimala had connections with great Buddha who is believed to have visited Ezhimala during one of his ventures across the country.

Ezhimala beach profess to showcase the picturesque beauty. It gives its tourists an opportunity to unravel the significant beauty and the mysticism of this coastline. The hills associated with the Ezhimala coastline makes this beach a feast to savor with the addition of other paraphernalia of the rocky backdrop and palm doted trees. Any nature lover would love to visit this beach as it offers an engrossing treat amidst the pristine silence. Beaches in India have different development levels and maintain the popularity so that the tourists keep flocking in and around this beach.

How to reach:

8 km away from payyanur.

150 km away from karipur Airport.

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