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Vallikunnu Beach

Beaches are much acclaimed as the best locations for spending holidays anywhere in the world. There are many people who hunt for beaches as a part of their holiday trips. Kerala is very famous for the numerous beaches that it contains. One such beach is the Vallikunnu beach. It is located in one of the best milieus of all times. It is located in the midst of a lush coconut grove giving it the appearance of a hidden place.

The Vallikunnu beach is the perfect spot to laze with a book or walk with Mother Nature as your walking companion.With its extraordinary beauty and paramount splendor, the Vallikunnu beach is also a good site for a swim or even an adrenaline charged game of volleyball. The beach also gives a chance to visit the adjacent Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary. The beach is always a great spot to engage in a conversation with nature.

The virgin beauty of this beach leaves a person wondering about how natural beauty is left undisturbed without any human interference. There is also the option of watching the native fishermen buzzing around with their work otherwise one could choose to investigate the adjoining village. All these alternatives give rise to a new atmosphere within oneself.

Vallikunnu beach bestows with absolute comfort and is one of the beaches that rejuvenate your body and soul. Vallikunnu beach is located amidst the dense coconut grove and is truly a place of serene beauty. This unperturbed silence and its unparalleled tranquility is really a pleasure and worth enjoying. Having a pleasant time at the Vallikunnu beach and making it an appropriate holiday spot is one of the best ideas for anyone who is always busy with work schedules and pressures.

How to reach:

Rail : Vallikunnu railway station / Kozhikode railway station

Air : Karipur International Airport

Road : Malappuram bus station

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